Frequently asked questions

What are your opening hours?


7 days 

Do I need to BYO soap?

No, soap is included in the price of your wash and is automatically injected into the washing machine.

Can I wash my pet items?

Yes you can, we have a specially dedicated ‘pet items only’ washing machine and dryer.

Do you have a change machine?

Yes we do, you can exchange notes for coins OR tap your card and receive coins.

What type of coins do your machines accept?

Our machines accept $1 ONLY.

Is it safe to leave my washing unnattended?

We do not recommend leaving any items unattended. If you choose to leave your items unattended, we cannot be held accountable for any loss or damages.

Can you do my washing for me?

Yes, we offer a range of services. 

Click on the ‘services’ tab for more information.


Do you offer pick up and delivery services?

We sure do, click on the ‘contact us’ tab to inquire.

Are your services available during a COVID-19 lockdown?

Yes they are, laundromats are classified as an essential service in Victoria.

Phone us

0409 333 767

Open Hours

Self serve Coin laundromat 6am-11pm.


3/149 Princes Way Drouin 3818

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